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Why Zimbabwe needs and is ripe for Biometric Voter Registration

Abstract The lack of an efficient, trusted and credible voters’ roll has given rise to the arguments that the registration system has compromised Zimbabwe’s electoral processes therefore resulting in the electoral commission shifting to biometric voter registration in an effort to curb claims of a bloated roll, multiple voting claims and do away with the…

World Aids Day

On World Aids Day: Adults practice safe sex, youths abstain from sex, get tested before indulging into sex activities, avoid chain relationships, be faithful to each other, let’s create a free AIDS generation. Happy World AIDS Day. #start free, stay free, AIDS free framework #WeCantTakeItAnymore


On the 30th of November 2016, the Pacesetters Youth Network (PYN) together with the following citizens and organizations, is pained to bring to your attention that Simbarashe Munakamwe, a serial murderer, stabbed Mai Love (his wife) 16 times. The gruesome incident happened on the 26th of November in Mhondoro-Mubaira under Chief Nyamweda. Simbarashe is on…

Another Mother/Sister/Aunt STABBBED in a GBV case

Simbarashe again stabbed his ex-wife 16 times following his stabbing to death of Chido Kurwakumire in Mhondoro-Mubaira. As young people we are highly disturbed that the Judiciary allowed such a man to roam the villages freely.   WE CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE

Disturbed by violence in Norton

Pacesetters Youth Network calls on candidates and parties contesting the by-election to restrain their supporters to prevent the escalation of violence.

When the energy is correctly channelled

Grassroots Youth Spark Change in Kosovo Vladimir had not crossed the Mitrovica bridge — which divides ethnic Serb communities north of the Ibar River from ethnic Albanians to the south — in three years. But in February last year, Vladimir had a reason to cross the bridge and travel south: the opportunity to attend an…