“Driving Young Girls into Prostitution”The Curse of Poverty & its cycle

It is not surprising nowadays to see young girls as young as 14 in beerhalls, pubs and clubs in both towns, peri urban, rural and farming communities. The question is what is wrong? Zimbabwe’s economy is “hitting hard” on the working class and its unimaginable how the unemployed may get away with it. Parents and guardians are finding it difficult to keep children in classes later alone to provide meals the result has been the influx of young stars in the streets and pubs were they solicit for sex in exchange for payments. The payments vary from cash, goodies or even promises- this is indeed sad as we are slowly digging graves for our future.

In these spaces were sex is solicited, young people are exposed to among others alcohol, illicit substances and drugs which fuels the current challenges that the country is going through further hitting below the belt for this generation of mine. Drive through Mbare, Epworth, Hopley and many other highly populated areas and the marks are visible for all to see except for the blinkered policy-makers. Shame on you for the blood of the innocent children shall be upon you.

The government of Zimbabwe has the sole responsibility to keep children safe and to provide for their needs it is unfortunate that this mandate has not translated to tangibles. It will be hard to imagine rebuilding such a generation lost in the economic genocide currently prevailing in Zimbabwe. Sex is not meant for children or kids.


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