“It is better to light the candle than to condemn the darkness”

The network runs a number of programmes and activities. The various activities targets in-school and out of school young people between the ages of  15-35 years. Our programming areas are; Epworth, Mbare, Mhondoro-Mubaira,Domboshava, Mahusekwa and Seke North.

1.Peer to Peer Learning Program (P+PLP)

What do we do? The word “peer” means an equal, someone of the same condition as oneself. (British nobles are called Peers of the Realm, meaning that they are all in some sense equals under the monarch.) A peer education program involves people being tutored or taught by others from backgrounds similar to their own. A peer education relationship is one of equals, not one where the teacher has all the knowledge or authority and the learner has none. Peer to Peer Learning program is a lot more than a simple teaching relationship, and a good peer education program can have a profound effect on the lives of individuals and their communities.

What are the Issue and how are they dealt with? Pacesetters Youth Network Peer to Peer Learning program covers areas such as: child and youth rights, early marriages, health issues, economic literacy, community development, entrepreneurship, schoolwork, substance and drug abuse whatever is needed. Peer to Peer educators are volunteers – partly to keep that relationship of equals – and learners may become educators themselves. Teachers and learners may switch roles from time to time as part of the program: imagine, for instance, a situation where young community member teach elders to read, and the elders teach them the traditional conflict resolution mechanisms or the language of their ancestors. Such programs exist, and they serve to connect old and young in a community, and to preserve a culture in danger of being lost.

What we seek to Achieve? Pacesetters Youth Network through the Peer to Peer program is in a way improving services by spreading needed information throughout a community. Through such programs, people can gain the knowledge and skills to strengthen their communities, advocate for themselves and their needs, and assert more control over their lives. Just as our apprentice stonemason could go on to become a master of his trade, and to teach apprentices and journeymen, learners in peer education programs may go on to become leaders in their communities, and to teach others what they have learned.

You are all welcome to participate and help us improve the same.