The Slow Genocide in Harare

During the last four weeks, we have noted clean water gushing out from the middle of a public road opposite Mupedzanhamo Flea Market in Harare. It is indeed saddening that such investment by the City from Rate payer’s money is not considered important and thus can be left for such a long time. We are noting that some residents do not have running water in their tapes owing to it being expensive and naturally because the city rations water. As you can imagine, we are very concerned about this trend and hope you will help by addressing the said water leak.

Further we note what we call a “slow genocide” happening as cars are damaged by the potholes due to such large amounts of water washing away the road. In addition, this increases chances of water bone diseases as contamination of water happens at that very site. We hope the relevant authorities in the roads and health will be able to attend to this before it escalates to a crisis, as young people we commit ourselves to acting a responsible manner and remains committed to engaging your offices as we are already suffering and cannot afford to lose the little we get to water that is wasted.

If this is not addressed we will surely within the next 72 hours be mobilizing fellow residents to peacefully assemble at your office, as we cannot allow our money to go down the drain while we watch. Some suburbs can go without water for days thus letting such flows of clean water gushing out is a clear oversight which needs to be addressed urgently.

Pacesetters Youth Network is a youth based organization founded on the need to promote holistic participation & empowerment of young people in Zimbabwe through rallying of the diversity, energy and ideas of young people.


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