Obstacles to Successful Youth Participation in Community Development

Despite the influences and motivations, significant obstacles exist that inhibit, andoften discourage youth participation in community development projects which Felix(2003) in his own view identified as challenges to youth involvement in communities.These include:
1.Lack of communication and awareness of opportunities;
2.Turf issues among organizations competing for youth participants;
3.Youth fears of speaking out;
4.Lack of diversity, and adultism or the systematic mistreatment of youth simply because of their age;
5.Lack of transportation (Scales & Leffert, 1999);
6.Lack of time (Sherrod, Flanagan & Youniss, 2002);
7.Community not being sure of the benefits of their contributions (Israel, Coleman, &Ilvento, 1993);
8.Lack of interesting programs, transportation problems;
9.Lack of knowledge about programs, and cost;
10.Community organizations may be uncertain of the role or impact that youth mayhave in their efforts (cited from Israel, Coleman, & Ilvento, 1993),
11.Viewing young people as transient, participating in too many other activities, andhaving less predictable schedules, community organizations may exclude youth(Scales & Leff, 1999

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