Clean water wasted in Harare: Local Authority doesn’t care

Every milliliter of Clean water gushing out into the roads and drains is Money we are losing. For three weeks I have been passing through this space watching clean water dripping from the middle of the road. What is the cost of  clean water in Harare? What is the cost of the road being damaged daily by this water flow? What are the cost to motorist whose cars are botching into the huge holes in the middle of the road? Why is ZINARA not worried by this? Why is the Ministry of Health not worried about the looming water borne diseases  from that large opening? Who pays the cost for this water? It’s me, its you, its all of us so please if you don’t take action at Harare Water, you will see us knocking at your offices in the next 48 hrs.

Our authorities does not care about the struggling populace. Most Zimbabweans have their water supplies interrupted daily in the name of rationing but why do we continue to see this mess in the City of Harare? At Mupedzanhamo gate please do something, water has been flowing from the middle of the road for the past 21 days.

Don’t take money out of our pockets in this way, you are precipitating POVERTY in our community.


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