PYD promises to confront the increasing cases of domestic violence in Chipinge district

Cases of domestic violence in Chipinge district have continued to
increase at alarming levels, prompting Platform for Youth Development
(PYD) to aim at increasing awareness on the Domestic Violence Act. It
is hoped that dissemination of information on the Act will increase
reporting and incarceration of perpetrators thereby reducing this
worrying trend. PYD will be guided by their three year strategic plan
that started in October 2014 and ends in October 2017.The strategic
intervention is for PYD to address harmful practices and behaviors
that prevent young women from enjoying a life that they value. The
intervention seeks to advance women’s socio-economic and political
development in order to reduce their vulnerability to domestic
Recently in Mbeure village, ward 20 of Chipinge, Tsenekai Mabika was
butchered by her husband Kudzai Ndongwe leaving behind her two kids
aged five and two respectively.
In another incident that left villagers in Mwangazi village in Ward 21
of Chipinge shell-shocked, an identified man struck Mbuya Zibuke
Dhliwayo’s head with a machete. Mbuya Dhliwayo only survived after
screaming and calling District Development Fund officers who were
nearby for her rescue.
As if that is not enough, Rimbi community recently woke up to the
horrific news of Edgar Chiororo being stabbed by his wife for
allegedly cheating with an unidentified woman.
This violent string of cases that have been recorded by our community
activists and citizen journalists is clear testimony that domestic
violence has contributed to the insecurity of our local communities
where women have become the major targets.
As Platform for Youth Development, we have observed that much of the
causes are linked to cultural tendencies that have been weakened by
poverty and increased masculinity without responsibility. Most men
have become disempowered, emasculated and isolated economically
leading to emotional cases where they unconsciously use physical
violence, sexual and economic abuse as an expression of power and
Statistics of domestic violence in Chipinge district are alarming and
should be deliberately intercepted. PYD’s advocacy and outreach plan
will involve the law enforcement agents who would be lobbied to arrest
anyone who is caught on the wrong side of the Domestic Violence
Act.PYD will assist the police efforts in Chipinge to effectively
investigate and prosecute the perpetrators.
The police are armed with the domestic violence bill which should help
them to handle such cases with ease.
“By end of 2017 we would have drastically reduced the cases of
domestic violence by increasing the safety and independence of victims
to report abuse”
promised Sally Nobuhle Mlambo who is the PYD Board Chairperson.

Inserted by the PYD Information Department
For more details contact the PYD Director on +263 773010 331 or
PYD Board Chair on +263 772 896 458


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