Zimbabwe @36 Press Statement

Pacesetters Youth Network

Independence Day Zimbabwe @36 Statement

Immediate Release 18 April 2016

Pacesetters Youth Network joins Zimbabweans in commemorating Independence Day on the 18th of April 2016. The youth network acknowledges the sacrifices made by fallen and living heroes and heroines and call upon everyone to self-introspect on the ideals that flock both the youth and the old to take it upon themselves to liberate the country from colonial rule.

The Agony @36 an excursionist society

We as young people note with concern the current polarization swamping the beautiful land of Zimbabwe, substance and drug abuse, centralized administration, rampant corruption, decay of health services and shortage of essential medication, deplorable social service delivery, dilapidating infrastructure and the ever growing number of jobless Zimbabweans. Pacesetters Youth Network calls upon every Zimbabwean in and out of the country to truly reflect and start pulling in one directing for Zimbabwe to attain its status as the bread basket of Africa.

And further calls upon all young people to engage in constructive developmental discourse no matter political, religious and cultural affiliations and calls upon policy makers and leadership to help young people unite and use their energy towards building peace, supporting healing of past wounds and moving towards a better and prospering Zimbabwe. The Network further call upon the government of Zimbabwe and all stakeholders to consider the provisions of the constitution related to taking all reasonable steps to;

1) to ensure that youths, that is to say people between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five years­

(a) have access to appropriate education and training;

(b) have opportunities to associate and to be represented and participate in political, social, economic and other spheres of life;

(c)   Are afforded opportunities for employment and other avenues to economic empowerment;

(d)   Have opportunities for recreational activities and access to recreational facilities; and

(e)   Are protected from harmful cultural practices, exploitation and all forms of abuse.

(3) Measures and programmes referred to in subsections (1) and (2) must be inclusive, nonpartisan and national in character.

Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe,  this is an opportunity for us as young people, the majority of the population, to take it upon ourselves to liberate ourselves from political abuse, drug and substance abuse, cultural barriers, apathy, economic slavery among others.

Striving for Peace



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