Press Alert: Concordia Chido Kurwakumire (16) Stabbed to Death

Villagers here in Mandaza Village under Chief Nyamweda in Mhondoro-Mubaira are still at pains to come to terms with the horrific murder that has left tongues wagging in the community. A 37-year-old man Simbarashe is allegedly said to have stabbed 16-year-old Chido Kurwakumire more than three times till death on her way to Chitemere Secondary School where she was doing her secondary education.
Simbarashe is said to have been in a relationship with his wife’s younger sister for some time and as Chido was no longer comfortable with the relationship, Simbarashe did not take it lightly and schemed to follow Chido as she was making her way to school on the 11th of February 2016. Along the way Simbarashe caught Chido and stabbed her with a knife and she tried to run away but to no avail as he chased her and stabbed her till she died.
As Pacesetters Youth Network we are deeply saddened by continued abuse violence perpetrated against girls and young people in general and call on all the stakeholders to work towards eradication of violence;
Further call upon the law enforcement authority to quickly intervene on all cases of gender based abuses especially committed against young girls and women in communities and families;
Concerned that the lack of civic education and awareness on the recent constitutional court ruling on child marriages will not benefit the greater population mostly affected by the practice.

May Her Dear Soul Rest in Peace

Contact Details
Call: +263 733 834 242 or +263 739 518 795 
Facebook: Pacesetters Youth Network
Twitter: @pacesettersyuthnet


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