National Pledge- The Outcry

Much Ado about Nothing            to > Dr Dokora Minister of Primary and Secondary Education

Some of the classrooms in Hurungwe, Mash East and other districts across the country, pupils are learning in tobacco bans

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There are so many things of paramount importance to be improved and developed in the education sector.

Why prioritizing on the so called “national pledge”

If not dragging us to an edge

Zimbabwe is said to be twenty years behind in modern technology

Then why majoring the minor?

Much ado about nothing I would say

The youngsters at primary and secondary school need E-learning systems of which the minister is struggling that’s if he is trying to make accessible to everyone. Why not equipping us with compulsory computer literacy and frequent internet access.

The books our fathers used in their standard levels at school are the same books still being used by their grandchildren now, we thank the donor world for partnering our government on a restocking exercise. If Iam to compare, thumbs up for the previous minister for the donation of new set books to schools in 2012.

Why not buy other texts books instead of imparting ancient ways in a modern generation? And thought of doing better the current minister seeks popularity by introducing non-tangible gaseous policy rather making an effort in dragging the educational sector to the edge saying it’s a pledge of all the things the plenipotentiary is expected to deliver in his ministry

He resorts to petty issues “national pledge” when schools need infrastructural development.

Many schools only have a single block of classes, are you not even shamed to be a minister of rural children learning in tobacco barns…” why not address that? If it is to instil patriotism, isn’t there history as a good subject for one to be patriotic?

Why not requesting for salary increments for your professional teachers who work hard in bringing well educated people in our country

No to the minister’s national pledge. You cannot from your office impose certain pledges to whom we don’t know what we are pledging to, citizens please help our honourable. Lest he be like king Nebuchadnezzar who had to experience wild life as a result similar to that our minister is trying to do.

It’s a time when we need divine intervention from the Omniscient God and please sir don’t make evil intercessions in the name of a “national pledge” because you are dragging us to the edge

Rather make your own family pledge and don’t bring the nation to partake in it

Steve Biko Ree Loaded


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